As well as distributing our logs and kindling supplies to domestic consumers, Fieldhouse Logs can keep a whole host of organisations supplied and outfitted through our wholesale service. We offer a genuine UK based wholesale service for businesses of all shapes and sizes, covering a myriad of business sectors including retail, catering and hospitality.

All our timber is sourced from sustainably managed forests in the UK, and we take every effort to ensure that our firewood is as carbon neutral and environmentally friendly as possible – for each tree that is felled, a seed is planted as a replacement.

Specialist Wholesale Providers

Supply and delivery services are included as standard and we are happy to discuss your order in detail so that you can secure the right quantities of firewood to suit your requirements. Flexibility is the cornerstone of our wholesale service and at Fieldhouse Logs we are more than happy to accommodate specific orders and provide ease of access for our customers.

We understand that the need for logs and kindling changes as the year progresses. You can rely on our seasonal services to provide an adequate amount of fuel for your log burning fire or stove, no matter whether it’s summer or winter.

For more information about our wholesale service, or to discuss your requirements with us, please get in touch on 07572867518.
Wholesale Kindling
Wholesale Logs