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West Auckland, Shildon and Coundon

Fieldhouse Logs are dedicated firewood specialists based just outside of Darlington. We use tried and tested techniques to produce high quality firewood, kindling and trimmings, to be used and enjoyed by natural log burning fire enthusiasts.

In addition to firewood we also produce, supply and distribute a range of wood carved furniture and interior decorations made by our own in-house designers.

Seasoned Log Suppliers in West Auckland, Shildon and Coundon

Seasoned Logs in West Auckland, Shildon and Coundon

The quality of the fire you produce is determined by the moisture content (mc) of your firewood. This is because the energy from the fire that you build is used to dry the log out, rather than for heat and warmth. The problem is that recently felled timber still contains a significant amount of internal moisture, which takes a great deal of time if left to nature alone.

We take great care in producing seasoned logs that have had their moisture content lowered to 20% or below its original level. Our seasoned logs are kept in warm, dry conditions for at least six months (and longer in some cases). This produces quality firewood that lights better, burns hotter and produces a cleaner burn with fewer impurities and smoke.

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Kiln Dried Logs For Sale in Shildon and Coundon

Kiln Dried Logs in Shildon and Coundon

Used as firewood, kiln dried logs provide the user with a clean, dry and consistently warm fire with a bright flame.

These are produced by taking our seasoned logs and placing them in a heated kiln for a further six days. This has the effect of slowly and methodically driving out any remaining moisture, creating logs that are vastly superior to other forms of firewood in terms of the quality of fire you produce. These logs will burn hotter and for longer than you would expect.

Our kiln dried logs are ideal for open fires, chimneys, barbeques, pizza ovens and wood burning stoves.

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Bags of Kindling for Sale in West Auckland, Shildon and Coundon

Bags of Kindling for Sale in West Auckland, Shildon and Coundon

Good quality kindling is a must when it comes to starting a quality fire. At Fieldhouse Logs, we supply a wide assortment of differently sized bags of kindling for sale in West Auckland, Shildon and Coundon to complement our logs and firewood. Our bags of small cut kindling are available for available for sale in a volume to suit your requirements, with multiple volumes and sizes to choose from.

All our kindling and trimmings are cut from pine softwood to ensure that they catch fire and burn easily, saving you time and effort when building your fire.

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