Ushaw Moor, Brandon & Brancepeth

Seasoned Log Suppliers in Ushaw Moor, Brandon and Brancepeth

Seasoned Logs in Ushaw Moor, Brandon & Brancepeth

Fieldhouse Logs is a longstanding producer, supplier and distributor of quality seasoned logs in Ushaw Moor, Brandon and Brancepeth as well as the surrounding towns and villages.

Often, those lighting natural open fires or using their wood burning stoves at home struggle to find a source of fuel that burns efficiently and produces a warm, clean flame. This is especially true when using logs from trees that have been recently felled, as these logs will contain a high moisture content (mc), usually anywhere between 40-60%. By using our tried and tested seasoning process we can lower the moisture content of logs to below 20%, vastly improving their fire burning performance.

The logs are stored for 6 months or more in warm, dry and properly ventilated environment. This allows the natural movement of air to remove excess moisture from the logs. The results are clear: our seasoned logs in Ushaw Moor, Brandon and Brancepeth are easier to light, better to burn and produce more heat than if they had been left as untreated firewood.

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Kiln Dried Logs For Sale in Ushaw Moor

Kiln Dried Logs in Ushaw Moor

To get the best results from your natural log burning fire, use our kiln dried logs. These offer the ultimate in quality of firewood. Building on the seasoning process that we have already set out, we place some of our seasoned logs in a kiln to be slowly and systematically heated over a period of six days, driving as much moisture as possible out of each log.

Because of their low moisture content kiln dried logs enjoy a number of benefits when compared to other forms of firewood. For a start, they are easily lighted, which makes starting your fire a great deal more straightforward. Once the fire has been started you will find that your fire is warmer and lasts longer, whilst releasing fewer impurities and pollutants.

This last point is important, as many owners of log burning equipment find themselves having to deal with issues arising from the build up of residues. Kiln Dried Logs avoid this problem, which means that using this source of fuel can significantly increase the lifespan of your stove or hearth.

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Bags of Kindling for Sale in Ushaw Moor, Brandon and Brancepeth

Bags of Kindling for Sale in Ushaw Moor, Brandon & Brancepeth

When it comes to starting a great fire you need quality kindling. In addition to our range of hardwood and softwood logs for sale Fieldhouse Logs also supply small cut kindling, trimmings and firewood, all sourced from sustainable forests in the UK.

Our bags of kindling for sale in Ushaw Moor, Brandon and Bracepeth are available in different sizes and volumes to suit your needs. Enquire within for more details.

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