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Fieldhouse Logs is a dedicated supplier and distributor of hardwood and softwood logs, kindling supplies and wood carved furniture to both domestic and commercial customers in Thirsk.

We offer a bespoke, flexible service that provides adequate supplies of wood burning materials for both domestic customers and commercial organisations. As part of our Wholesale service we work with businesses in the catering, leisure and hospitality sectors in order to provide firewood for them to keep their fires burning through even the coldest winter.

For each tree we fell, a sampling is planted in its place. Protecting the environment is important to us – without thriving forests, we cannot keep supplying quality logs and firewood. Fieldhouse Logs works both internally and with partners in order to be as carbon neutral as possible.

Seasoned Log Suppliers in Thirsk

Seasoned Logs in Thirsk

Each one of our seasoned logs has been produced as a result of an extensive six month seasoning process. We take recently felled timber, cut it down to size and store it in our storage facility in Darlington. Our warehouse is designed to maximise the effects of the movement of air, which we use to ventilate and dry out the logs in our possession. By driving out excess moisture of the logs down to a manageable level (at or below 20%) we dramatically improve the performance of those logs when used as firewood.

One of the hallmarks of Fieldhouse Logs is our commitment to providing excellent customer service. If you would like to know about any aspect of the process we use to produce our seasoned logs in Thirsk simply ask one of the members of our team when placing your order.

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Kiln Dried Logs For Sale in Thirsk

Kiln Dried Logs in Thirsk

As a source of fuel, Kiln Dried Logs produce the best performing open fires which burn for longer, at higher temperatures and produce fewer impurities. This is because we have removed the vast majority of moisture by slowly heating our seasoned logs over a period of six days. Kiln Dried Logs make for perfect firewood for use in open fires and wood burning stoves.

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Bags of Kindling for Sale in Thirsk

Bags of Kindling for Sale in Thirsk

At Fieldhouse Logs we never compromise on quality or attention to detail with our firewood, which is why even our bags of kindling for sale have been produced to a set specification. By this, we mean that we have specifically cut our kindling from pine softwood, whose high resin content makes our kindling easy to light and allows it burns better than alternative hardwoods.

All our bags of kindling for sale come in net bags which are easy to handle and store. We can also supply wooden log sheds and other storage equipment for you protect your logs from the elements.

Our delivery service offers free delivery to any area within a 30 mile radius of our warehouse in Darlington, easily covering Thirsk and the surrounding areas.

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