Fieldhouse Logs is a dedicated supplier of quality logs, kindling, firewood and wood burning supplies for homes and businesses in Skipton.

Dry, well cut firewood produces an efficient fire with a warm, bright and clean flame. At Fieldhouse we offer a variety of air dried and kiln dried logs available for delivery in Skipton and the surrounding areas, as well as smaller cut kindling and trimmings to get your fire going. Logs can be cut down to your preferred size to suit your stove at home.

Based in Darlington, we supply both domestic homes and businesses throughout the North East with suitable firewood supplies. This includes businesses operators in the hospitality, catering and retail sectors and covers everyone from farm shops to pubs and train stations – anyone who needs quality logs for their hearth, fireplace or wood burning stove.

As well as logs and firewood, Fieldhouse also provides a range of log sheds and storage solutions to keep your logs dry in bad weather.

Seasoned Log Suppliers Skipton

Seasoned Logs in Skipton

The ability of firewood to perform well depends largely on the moisture content of the logs you are using. When trees are first felled the timber contains a significant quantity of internal moisture (between 45% and 60%) which holds the logs back when they are brought to light. Our seasoning process lowers this total to a much more optimal level (20% or lower) which ensures that your logs light easily, produce more heat and burn cleanly.

Our seasoned logs have been stored for at least six months and possibly up to two years. In that time, the natural movement of air ventilates and dries the timber out, producing a natural source of fuel that burns well in your stove, hearth or open fire.

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Kiln Dried Logs For Sale Skipton

Kiln Dried Logs in Skipton

Kiln dried logs have been methodically heated in order to remove the vast majority of moisture from within each log. The result is a set of firewood in pristine condition for fire burning applications, in particular for use in wood burning stoves, open fires, barbecues and pizza ovens.

Using kiln dried logs as fuel significantly increase the lifespan of your wood burning equipment as this type of firewood releases far fewer impurities than other firewood. This reduces the build up of residues that is commonly associated with wood burning stoves.

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Bags of Kindling for Sale Skipton

Bags of Kindling for sale in Skipton

Light your fire with ease with our bags of kindling available for sale and delivery throughout the North East. Our kindling and trimmings have been cut down to a smaller size using pine softwood, whose high resin content makes the wood easy and quick to light. We offer a variety of bags of kindling to our customers in a quantity to suit your requirements.

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We offer free delivery to any location within 25 miles of our warehouse in Darlington. For more information about our products and services please contact us on 01325 731717 or send us an email at