North Yorkshire

As a North East based supplier, Fieldhouse Logs provides a comprehensive range of natural wood burning fuel for open fires, wood burning stoves and more. Our catalogue of firewood products includes a wide range of hardwood and softwood logs including oak, birch, ash, beech, sycamore and alder.

At Fieldhouse Logs we are natural lovers of all things wood, which means that as well as supplying and distributing logs and kindling to our customers in North Yorkshire we also design and create wood carved items of furniture such as tables, benches, seating and log sheds. Each item is the work of our own in-house craftsmen and is therefore completely unique.

We supply both domestic and commercial customers with adequate supplies of logs, kindling and other firewood items to keep their fires going throughout the year. From homes to farm shops, trains stations and retail outlets, our flexible wholesale service ensures that you get the right amount for you, on time and for a price that you can accommodate.

Seasoned Log Suppliers in North Yorkshire

Seasoned Logs in North Yorkshire

Our seasoned logs in North Yorkshire have been produced over a period of six months. We store the logs in our on-site warehouse, where the natural movement of air does its work and dries the logs out over time. Once the logs have reached around 20% moisture content they are ready to be used as firewood: this is because they are far easier to light and produce a hotter, cleaner flame.

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Kiln Dried Logs For Sale in North Yorkshire

Kiln Dried Logs in North Yorkshire

At Fieldhouse Logs we supply quality kiln dried logs for our customers, providing the ultimate in firewood for users of natural fires and wood burning stoves especially. These are produced using our seasoned logs as a starting point. Once these have been properly seasoned we place a selection of them into a kiln for up to six days, slowly and methodically heating them and thereby driving out any remaining moisture. The result is clean, reliable firewood that produces a hotter flame and burns for longer.

There are also far fewer impurities released by our kiln dried logs in North Yorkshire, which means that there are fewer issues associated with build up of residue burns on stoves and other equipment when using this kind of firewood.

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Bags of Kindling for Sale in North Yorkshire

Bags of Kindling for Sale in North Yorkshire

As well as our range of hardwood and softwood logs, which form the mainstay of our log fires, Fieldhouse Logs also supply the all important kindling to get your fire started. Larger logs are more difficult to use to stoke a fire, which is why we provide bags of kindling for sale in North Yorkshire for you to use for that purpose. All our kindling supplies have been cut from pine softwood to ensure that they are easy to light.

Our kindling and firewood supplies are provided in well ventilated net bags that are easy to handle and store.

As with any of our hardwood and softwood logs, all our kindling and trimmings are sourced from local, sustainably managed forests and are stored and transported in a way that minimises our overall carbon footprint.

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