North Stainley, Pannal and Woodland

Fieldhouse Logs is a dedicated producer and supplier of firewood and logs, based in the North East. We are committed to delivering the best possible range of ‘ready-to-use’, fine quality firewood, made with timber sourced from sustainably managed UK forests. A key component of Fieldhouse Logs is customer service. We are more than happy to answer any questions our customers might have about our range of seasoned logs, kiln dried logs and kindling supplies.

We offer the wide assortment of logs for use in both commercial premises and in individual homes in North Stainley, Pannal and Woodland.

Seasoned Log Suppliers in North Stainley, Pannal and Woodland

Seasoned Logs in North Stainley, Pannal and Woodland

The drier the firewood, the better it will perform. This means that getting the right moisture content for your logs is crucial in order to create a warm, bright, clean natural fire.

Our seasoned logs have been carefully processed over a period of six months to bring the level of water content of our firewood down to below 20% of their original level. This process is carried out in our specially designed warehouse where we utilise the natural movement of air to ventilate the logs.

Using tried and tested methods and techniques we are able to consistently produce seasoned logs in North Stainley, Pannal and Woodland that are easy to light and produce a warmer, more welcoming flame.

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Kiln Dried Logs For Sale in Pannal and Woodland

Kiln Dried Logs in Pannal and Woodland

At Fieldhouse our kiln dried logs represent the optimal fuel with which to create a warm, welcoming and comforting fire in your fireplace at home. We make these by taking a selection of our seasoned logs and heating them in a kiln for six further days. This has the effect of further driving out water from within each log and produces firewood that is warm, clean and eco-friendly, the perfect fuel for your fireplace or log burning stove.

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Bags of Kindling for Sale in North Stainley, Pannal and Woodland

Bags of Kindling for Sale in North Stainley, Pannal and Woodland

A strong fire starts with good quality kindling. At Fieldhouse our kindling supplies have been cut from pine softwood and then seasoned to make them as user friendly as possible. Because of its low resin content, pine softwood lights quickly and effortlessly, and our bags of kindling for sale in North Stainley, Pannel and Woodland are the best way to build your fire in no time at all.

We can deliver our bags of kindling, trimmings and firewood supplies throughout North Stainley, Pannal and Woodland as well as the surrounding towns and villages.

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