Newton Aycliffe, Sadberge and Norton

Fieldhouse Logs is a committed provider of seasoned and kiln dried logs to customers across the North East, including Newton Aycliffe, Sadberge, Norton and the surrounding areas. All our firewood, including our kindling and trimmings, is sourced from sustainably managed forests in the UK, and for every tree felled a seed is planted in its place.

Seasoned Log Suppliers in Newton Aycliffe, Sadberge and Norton

Seasoned Logs in Newton Aycliffe, Sadberge and Norton

Burning recently felled timber is much more difficult because it still contains a significant quantity of water. We take recently felled logs as a raw material and subject them to our tried and tested seasoning process, which can take anywhere between six months and two years depending on the type of wood used. This takes place in our on-site warehouse and reduces the water content of the log from around 80-90% to below 20%, making them much easier to burn.

This makes them easier to light initially and means that the energy from the resulting fire can be used to produce heat rather than dry out the rest of the firewood. The result is that our seasoned firewood in Newton Aycliffe, Sadberge and Norton produces a hotter, cleaner flame for our customers to use on their log burning fires.

We are committed to serving both domestic clients and wholesalers alike to the highest industry standards, as per their requirements.

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Kiln Dried Logs For Sale in Sadberge and Norton

Kiln Dried Logs in Sadberge and Norton

If you want the ultimate level of quality and reliability for your fire, kiln dried logs provide the ultimate in fuel. We take our seasoned logs and place them in a kiln for six additional days, driving out excess moisture mechanically and producing a set of logs that are ideal to be used for firewood.

By reducing the moisture content of logs to as low a level as possible, the logs will burn at higher temperatures, produce more heat and burn for longer periods of time than other forms of firewood. They also produce fewer of the residues that you would normally associate with log burning apparatus.

This makes them appropriate for use in wood burning stoves, open fires, chimneys and pizza ovens.

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Bags of Kindling for Sale in Newton Aycliffe, Sadberge and Norton

Bags of Kindling for Sale in Newton Aycliffe, Sadberge and Norton

Kindling is essential for starting a quality fire, and at Fieldhouse Logs we cut pine softwood as a raw material for our kindling and trimmings. Our bags of kindling for sale are made with strong nets that the air to pass-through whilst maintaining structural cohesion. Firewood can be stored easily until needed.

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