Fieldhouse Logs is a specialist supplier and distributor of logs, kindling and firewood, based in the North East.

From our Darlington warehouse we supply homes and businesses in Newcastle with suitable firewood supplies for all their needs. This includes businesses working in the retail, catering and hospitality trades, including everyone from village shops to pubs and train stations.

Dry firewood is the key to creating a warm, clean and comforting fire. Fieldhouse supplies both air dried and kiln dried logs, each one of which has been cut down to a manageable size for you to use at home and ideal for your hearth, fireplace or log burning apparatus. You can also get in touch by phone and have your logs cut down to the size of your wood burning apparatus.

At Fieldhouse you’ll find everything you need to keep your fire burning throughout the year, including innovative storage solutions that help you keep your wood clean and dry until you need it. We can also accommodate increased demand during the colder winter months, providing you with a reliable, quality source of fuel for your fire whatever the season.

Seasoned Log Suppliers Newcastle

Seasoned Logs in Newcastle

Dry logs make for a cleaner, warmer and more efficient fire. This is because energy from the fire can be used to create heat, rather than dry out the logs. Using a tried and tested seasoning process we store logs for anywhere between six months and two years. Over time, the natural movement of air dries the log out, lowering its moisture content to 20% or lower.

The result is our seasoned logs, which are easy to light and produce more heat than firewood that has been recently felled. Our seasoned logs also burn cleanly, which makes them perfect for use indoors on hearths and natural log burning stoves.

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Kiln Dried Logs For Sale Newcastle

Kiln Dried Logs in Newcastle

By kiln drying logs we can drive out the vast majority of moisture, leaving a source of fuel for your fire that burns highly efficiently and produces a quality flame.

We produce our kiln dried logs by slowly heating our seasoned logs in a kiln for six days. This ensures that each set of logs we produce has a consistently low moisture content and makes them ideal for wood burning applications.

Our kiln dried logs also produce far fewer impurities when they burnt, which means that by using them as fuel you can extend the lifetime of your wood burning stoves by preventing the build up of residues.

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Bags of Kindling for Sale Newcastle

Bags of Kindling for Sale in Newcastle

It is essential when starting a fire that you have smaller sized firewood that light easily. This is exactly what we provide in the form of our bags of kindling available for sale throughout Newcastle and Tyneside. Our kindling is cut from pine softwood, whose high resin content when properly dried makes it simple and straightforward to light quickly.

We provide kindling and trimmings in easy to handle net bags that can be stored away easily until you need them. Please enquire within for further details.

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