Melsonby, Aldbrough St John and Ripley

Fieldhouse Logs produce, supply and deliver a wide range of high quality logs and firewood materials to domestic and wholesale customers in the North East.

Our logs have been sourced from sustainably managed local forests, carefully vetted and then processed in order to ensure consistency and quality throughout our selection of logs, kindling and trimmings. The result is a peerless selection of logs and firewood, available with free delivery to any location within 30 miles of our warehouse in Darlington, on time and on specification.

We also offer a number of innovative storage solutions if you have nowhere to keep your logs prior to use that is protected from the elements.

Seasoned Log Suppliers in Melsonby, Aldbrough St John and Ripley

Seasoned Logs in Melsonby, Aldbrough St John and Ripley

Many people looking for a reliable, high quality and cost effective source of fuel for their natural log burning fire choose seasoned logs, and it’s easy to see why. Recently felled timber still contains a significant quantity of water held internally, which makes it heavier, more difficult to burn and ultimately affects the quality of the flame produce when it does catch fire – this is because most of the heat produced from the flame is used to dry the log out.

Our seasoned logs in Ripley and Aldbrough St John have been carefully stored and processed over a period of six months. Over time, the natural movement of air removes moisture content, making the resulting firewood easier to light whilst also producing a warmer, cleaner burn.

All our seasoned logs contain only 20% moisture content, and we use tried and tested methods and techniques to ensure consistency across the board.

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Kiln Dried Logs For Sale in Ripley & Aldbrough St John

Kiln Dried Logs in Ripley & Aldborough St John

To ensure the highest quality of fire, kiln dried logs have been slowly and mechanically dried for a six days, in addition to the six months of seasoning that they have already been subjected to. This drives out the vast majority of water and produces firewood in pristine condition, ready for use on open fires and natural log burning stoves.

Our kiln dried logs in Melsonby, Aldbrough St John and Ripley have a number of unique properties that make them ideal for log burning. Users of kiln dried logs will notice that their fuel lasts a great deal longer whilst producing a warmer flame. In addition, firewood that has been kiln dried produce a cleaner burn with fewer residues which in turn reduces the risk of long term damage to your log burning apparatus.

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Bags of Kindling for Sale in Melsonby, Aldbrough St John and Ripley

Bags of Kindling for Sale in Melsonby, Aldbrough St John and Ripley

To complete your order, Fieldhouse Logs offer a variety of bags of kindling for sale in Melsonby, Aldbrough St John and Ripley, available in a volume to suit your requirements.

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