Based in North Yorkshire, Fieldhouse Logs is a supplier and distributor of logs, kindling and firewood to homes and businesses in Leeds.

The more efficiently a fire burns, the more heat is produced and the less fuel is required. At Fieldhouse Logs we offer a range of air dried and kiln dried logs which burn efficiently and are suitable for use in open fires, hearths and log burning stoves. We also offer a range of log sheds and storage solutions to help you keep your logs clean and dry during the winter months.

Logs can be cut to your preferred size to ensure that they suit your stove.

As well as seeking new ways to build upon our range of products Fieldhouse is also striving to become a carbon neutral company, and this is something that we feel passionately about. All the wood that is used for any of our operations is sourced from sustainably managed forests in the North East, which cuts down on transportation and further reduces our carbon footprint.

Seasoned Log Suppliers Leeds

Seasoned Logs in Leeds

Our seasoned logs have been stored in our specially designed warehouse for anywhere between six months and two years. During this time the natural movement of air dries each log out, removing moisture held internally from around 90% to a much more manageable 20%.

This makes each log easier to light, produce more heat and burn more cleanly by releasing fewer impurities. Our seasoned logs in Leeds are always popular amongst our customers because of their reliability, quality and cost effectiveness.

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Kiln Dried Logs For Sale Leeds

Kiln Dried Logs in Leeds

Kiln dried logs are a highly efficient form of firewood, producing a flame that burns at consistently high temperatures for a longer period of time that other logs.

We produce our kiln dried logs in Leeds using our seasoned logs as a starting point. These are then placed in a heated kiln for six days, which mechanically removes any excess moisture from the logs.

Like all our logs and log burning materials, our kiln dried logs are available in both hardwood and softwood, including oak, birch, ash, beech, sycamore, alder and pine.

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Bags of Kindling for Sale Leeds

Bags of Kindling for Sale in Leeds

All fires start with kindling. Complete your order with one of our bags of kindling for sale in Leeds and South Yorkshire. Our kindling is cut from pine softwood, whose high resin content makes it easier to light and bring to an open flame. It is distributed in net bags which are easy to handle and store.

We supply homes, village shops, pubs and train stations throughout Leeds and South Yorkshire with adequate firewood supplies for their needs. This includes seasonal services that take account of increased demand in winter. Please enquire within for more details.

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