Knaresborough, Spofforth and Helperby

Fieldhouse Logs is one of the North East’s premier suppliers of quality firewood, seasoned logs and kiln dried logs. Today we provide both individual and wholesale services, delivering to people’s homes and also to businesses operating in the retail, catering and hospitality sectors. We provide our customers with enough fuel to keep their fires burning throughout the year, available for delivery to Knaresborough, Spofforth, Helperby and the surrounding areas.

Although our core specialism is in providing quality logs and kindling we have diversified into the company we are today. In addition to processed firewood we supply bespoke wood carved furniture and storage solutions, all created by our own in-house designers, to complement our other products.

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Seasoned Log Suppliers in Knaresbrough, Spofforth and Helperby

Seasoned Logs in Knaresbrough, Spofforth and Helperby

Our seasoned logs are stored in a warm, dry environment for six months or more. Over time, the natural movement of air ventilates the logs and drives out water that remained in the log from the time that it was originally felled.

The objective of this process is to lower the moisture content (mc) of the logs to 20% or less than its original amount. This has far reaching benefits for your logs burning fire, because it means that more of the energy produced by the fire will be turned into heat rather than used just to dry off your firewood.

The result is a set of seasoned logs in Knaresborough, Spofforth and Helperby that burn more efficiently, producing more heat than before whilst released fewer impurities like smoke and residues.

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Kiln Dried Logs For Sale in Spofforth and Helperby

Kiln Dried Logs in Spofforth and Helperby

Fieldhouse Logs are a well known supplier of quality kiln dried logs to households and businesses in Knaresborough, Spofforth and Helperby. Over six days we slowly and methodically heat our seasoned logs in a specially designed kiln, driving out the vast majority of the remaining moisture and leaving only pristine firewood in ideal condition for log burning.

Our kiln dried logs in Spofforth, Helperby and the surrounding areas burn well and produce maximum efficiency per log. You can expect a high temperature, environmentally friendly burn that it does not result in the build-up unwanted deposits of grunge, creosote or ash. This makes them ideal for open fires, chimney flue, stoves, pizza ovens, wood burners and more.

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Bags of Kindling for Sale in Knaresborough, Spofforth and Helperby

Bags of Kindling for Sale in Knaresborough, Spofforth and Helperby

A strong fire starts with sufficiently dried kindling which can be used to build a fire quickly and effortlessly. We offer bags of kindling for sale in multiple sizes and volumes. All bags are in carry size and made from good quality vented netting so the kindling can breathe and stay dry.

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