Kirby Malzeard, Crakehall and Harmby

Fieldhouse Logs is a dedicated producer and distributor of quality logs, kindling and trimmings to our customers in the North East. We supply suitable firewood on both a domestic and wholesale basis to homes, shops, restaurants and stations in Kirby Malzeard, Crakehall, Harmby and the surrounding areas. Our premium quality firewood products include seasoned logs, kiln dried logs and bags of kindling, all available for sale and delivery to our customers in the area.

Our service includes door to door delivery right to your home or business.

Seasoned Log Suppliers in Kirby Malzeard

Seasoned Logs in Kirby Malzeard

Getting a clean, warm and bright fire is the goal of anyone who wants to enjoy their natural log burning fire to the fullest. The key to producing consistently good fires is the firewood you use, and in particular the moisture content (mc) of that firewood. Too much of this and the majority of the energy you get from the fire will be spend just in drying the log out, and quality of the fire will suffer as a result.

At Field House Logs we provide fully seasoned logs which have been carefully dried over six months seasoning process. By keeping the logs in a specialised environment we can use the natural movement of air to drive out moisture until the logs contain only around 20% of their original amount of water.

The results are clear to see: each log provides a warm, glowing and eco-friendly burn that represents fantastic value for money.

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Kiln Dried Logs For Sale in Kirby Malzeard, Crakehall and Harmby

Kiln Dried Logs in Kirby Malzeard, Crakehall and Harmby

Kiln Dried Logs are the most sought after form of firewood for lovers of log burning fires as they produce by far the best results. By taking our seasoned logs and placing them in a heated kiln for a further six days we can drive out the vast majority of remaining moisture from the log. This produces a set of logs that light quickly and burn extremely well, producing more heat and lasting far longer than other forms of firewood.

We offer high quality kiln dried logs to customers in Kirby Malzeard, Crakehall and Harmby that are especially well suited for open fires, chimneys, wood burners and stoves.

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Bags of Kindling for Sale in Crakehall and Harmby

Bags of Kindling For Sale in Crakehall and Harmby

Our small, medium and large sized bags of kindling for sale are the perfect way to get your fire going. Logs alone can be difficult to ignite, and as any barbecue lover will know you often need trimmings and smaller cut pieces of wood to start things off.

Fieldhouse Logs supply and deliver easy to carry, easy to store bags of kindling for sale throughout the North East. Enquire within for more details.

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