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Kinninvie, Langleydale and Copley

Seasoned Log Suppliers in Kinninvie, Langleydale & Copley

Seasoned Logs For Sale in Kinninvie, Langleydale & Copley

Our role as log suppliers is to provide the right firewood for use in both residential and professional locations. The ideal firewood for home fires is seasoned logs. The moisture content in recently harvested timber is considerably high but as proficient log suppliers we subject our firewood to a careful drying process. All our timber is stored for a minimum of six months in order to make sure the majority of the water has been removed. Our seasoned logs are not approved for sale until they have a water content of 20% or less. This ensures them as suitable firewood for log burning fires and offers the additional benefits of being clean, warm and friendly to the environment.

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Kiln Dried Logs For Sale in Kinninvie, Langleydale & Copley

Kiln Dried Logs For Sale in Kinninvie, Langleydale & Copley

Kiln dried logs are an economical choice as they generate an increased output of heat whilst simultaneously benefiting fuel efficiency. Our kiln dried logs are produced at our well equipped and fully functional professional premises where all employees operate with full adherence to the strictest of guidelines.

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Bags of Kindling for Sale in Kinninvie, Langleydale & Copley

Bags of Kindling For Sale in Kinninvie, Langleydale & Copley

As log suppliers to a wide customer base we strive to offer a broad variety of firewood to be sure of satisfaction every time. Along with seasoned logs and kiln dried logs we also supply bags of kindling. Containing firewood that has been reduced to a suitable size our bags of kindling can be stored and accessed easily. Environmental concern is prevalent today and as professional log suppliers we focus on the supply of sustainable wood products. Secured in a net handle bag, our bags of kindling are extremely popular and we are pleased to be reputable log suppliers to both a domestic and business clientele.

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