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Great Ayton, Stokesley & Topcliffe

Fieldhouse Logs is a dedicated distributor of logs & kindling supplies to domestic and commercial customers in the North East, including Great Ayton, Stokesley and Topcliffe.

We offer a full selection of logs, kindling and firewood (including both softwoods and hardwoods) for lovers of natural log burning fires. Our kindling and trimmings are designed to complement our other firewood products. All our products, from the smallest cut kindling to our full scale wooden carvings and sculptures, are produced using traditional wood working techniques.

All our logs are available for sale on an individual or on a wholesale basis, with free delivery of our log burning supplies to anywhere within a 30 mile radius of our warehouse in Darlington.

Seasoned Log Suppliers in Great Ayton

Seasoned Logs in Great Ayton

Our seasoned logs are dried using our own specially designed on site facilities and methods, which results in a consistently high quality of log, time after time. The key to consistently good firewood is it’s moisture content, and by storing the logs over a period of six months we are able to reduce the overall moisture content of each log to 20% or lower.

This makes each log easier to light and produce more heat from the resulting fire. Our seasoned logs are a real favourite with both domestic customers and commercial ones because of their superior quality and their good value.

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Kiln Dried Logs For Sale in Stokesley

Kiln Dried Logs in Stokesley

For a consistently stronger, warmer and cleaner burn without the risk of spitting, our kiln dried logs are the perfect solution for lovers of natural fires in Great Ayton, Stokesley and Topcliffe. We take our seasoned logs and place them in a heated kiln for a period of six days, slowly and thoroughly removing excess moisture from each log.

This makes our kiln dried logs burn at higher temperatures and for longer periods of time than other sources of firewood.

If you have any questions about any of our processes or methods our dedicated staff members are more than happy to explain each step to you.

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Bags of Kindling for Sale in Topcliffe

Bags of Kindling for Sale in Topcliffe

The best way to get a your fire started is by using our kindling and trimmings, so don’t forget to pick up one of our bags of kindling for sale in Great Ayton, Stokesley and Topcliffe. Our kindling is cut from pine softwood rather than hardwood in order to ensure that it catches fire quickly and easily.

In addition to our range of wood burning logs and supplied Fieldhouse Logs also specialises in producing totally unique hand carved furniture, including tables, chairs, benches and sculptures. Enquire within for more details.

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