Here at Field House Logs we are passionate about all things wood related. Whilst our end product is firewood, where this comes from and the processes it goes through to get there are just as important. Our main emphasis is on a sustainable fuel, and we are proud to be able to offer locally sourced and sustainably felled logs to our customers in the North East and the rest of the UK.

There are some trees, however, that are just too important to be simply thrown on your fires. Field House have signed up to the Woodland Trusts campaign to protect the Very Important Trees within Britain and Northern Ireland. Currently there is no register to prevent the oldest most treasured trees being damaged or demolished. I’m sure we all have memorable arboreal landmarks that we would hate to see forgotten, which once erased would be gone forever. Country Living and the Woodland Trust have joined together to ensure that these natural structures are safeguarded.

Find out more at the Woodland Trust campaign page and help maintain our wonderful landscape for generations to come.

Very Important Trees