Before you can begin trying our those recipes you have been collecting you need to set up and light your fire. There is nothing more satisfying than lighting a great burning fire however to do so you need the right tricks to get it burning to its full potential!

The lighting of the fire is simple – whether you are outside with a barbeque, campfire or fire pit or in the house with a wood burner or open fire, the principles stay the same.


  1. Most important way to start is with very dry Kindling and Firewood
  2. Prepare or collect a range of logs in variating sizes, this will help the longevity. Begin with small and use the larger pieces for a long steady burn once its going
  3. Ensuring good airflow is crucial, place the logs at a vertical angle with lots of gaps between them
  4. Let the base light and add more to build a strong base fire – the more heat your base has the easier it will be to keep the fire going.
  5. Once you have your base lit and burning strong add more logs and wait until they start to become white
  6. …Then hey presto your ready to begin cooking!

Here are a few of our recent favourite recipes for cooking on wood –

(use a grill from a bbq stood on two blocks over the fire for the results)

Jamie Oliver Grilled Rabbit – Cooked in a herby, garliky, honey marinade. “The smashed woody herbs add incredible flavour to the rabbit, especially when the smoke hits it”

BBC Good Food Mackerel – Asian inspired mackerel with ginger, chilli and lime drizzle!

Jamie Olivers Burgers – “It’s always worth making your own burger as then you can control exactly what goes into it. I love adding spices but you could also experiment with herbs and even things like cheese. These ones can be cooked on the barbie or on a griddle so are great all year round”

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