Our Swedish Torches are simple, efficient and clever! They are the perfect addition to any garden event, camping or glamping experience. They provide an extensive amount of heat and light or can be used practically for cooking on.

The Swedish Torch originates from the 30 year war between 1618 and 1648 where the Swedish soldiers would utilise the wood nearest to them so not to have to travel far from camp to collect firewood. Through the special intake of oxygen the logs burn evenly for a long period of time allowing less mess and more efficiency.

You can use the torches to light pathways at events and parties, they can be a great heat source for gatherings and the most practical of all is to take them camping/glamping and get cooking on them!


Please note – they are only for outdoor use, it is an open fire and needs to be attended with due care, do not move it once it is lit, do not leave unattended or around children.