Here at Field House Logs we can provide you with custom made storage for your logs – it would be silly not to right?

Our logs have either been air dried or kiln dried ensuring they are have a moisture content of less than 20%. For a great fire you need dry logs! It is essential for you to store your logs in a dry place out of the rain during the winter months to ensure a great burning fire.

A top tip for when stacking is to place them in a lattice pattern which allows better air circulation helping to lower the moisture content even further. When we deliver your logs a way of keeping them organised is to stack the larger ones on one side of your store and the smaller pieces on the other so you can easily reach the smaller sizes to start your fire and add the larger ones once it has got going. It is a good idea to bring a bundle of logs into your home to be certain they are not damp before getting cosy in front of the fire – no one wants it to get smokey!

Our team are on hand to build and design you the perfect shed/store to suit your needs – no matter how small or large. We have gathered together a few ideas that might help inspire you.


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