East Witton, West Witton & Wensley

Based in Darlington, Fieldhouse Logs is a company dedicated to all things wood. We supply logs, kindling and wood carved furniture to homes, businesses and organisations throughout the North East.

Dry firewood is the key to a warm, clean and comforting fire in your home. Fieldhouse Logs provides a full selection of air dried and kiln dried logs for you to use in your hearth, fireplace or wood burning stove whenever you need them. We cut our logs down to a manageable size for you to handle with ease and can even cut your firewood down to fit into your specific wood burning apparatus – simply give us a call and tell us what you need.

Fieldhouse supplies everyone from village shops and pubs to train stations and homeowners with enough fuel to suit their needs. We also provide a wholesale service for organisations operating in the catering, hospitality and retail sectors.

All orders to locations within a 25 mile radius of our warehouse come with free delivery as standard, covering customers in East Witton, West Witton & Wensley and ensuring that they have enough supplies to keep their fires burning throughout the year.

Seasoned Log Suppliers East Witton

Seasoned Logs in East Witton

To keep a fire burning you need dry firewood that has been properly processed. Our seasoned logs have been stored in our warehouse for any between six months and two years, allowing the natural movement of air to ventilate and dry out each log.

As a minimum, we ensure that each one of our seasoned logs has below 20% moisture content, making them ideal for use in your fireplace, hearth or wood burning stove. Our seasoned logs are easier to light, produce more heat and burn more cleanly than timber that has been recently felled.

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Kiln Dried Logs For Sale West Witton

Kiln Dried Logs in West Witton

For the best results from your fire, use kiln dried logs, which have been seasoned and then mechanically dried for six further days in order to remove moisture and dry them out.

Kiln dried logs burn at higher temperatures, produce more heat and burn more efficiently than other forms of firewood. They also produce fewer impurities whilst burning which means that you avoid the build up of residues commonly associated with wood burning stoves.

Use our kiln dried logs to their best advantage on open fires, wood burning stoves, barbeques and pizza ovens.

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Bags of Kindling for Sale Wensley

Bags of Kindling for Sale in Wensley

All great fires need something to get it started. Fieldhouse Logs distribute a full range of kindling and trimmings, including a variety of differently sized bags of kindling to suit your consumption. We cut our kindling from pine softwood, whose high resin content makes the end product easier to bring to a flame.

Kindling is provided in easy to handle net bags that can be easily stored out of the way until they are needed.

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