Easby, Nunthorpe & Ormesby

Kiln Dried Logs For Sale in Easby, Nunthorpe & Ormesby

Kiln Dried Logs in Easby, Nunthorpe & Ormesby

In addition to being seasoned log suppliers we also have the highest quality kiln dried logs for sale. Our own fully equipped facility is used to carry out the drying process and we work with complete adherence to established guidelines. Kiln dried logs are suitable for use in open fires and wood burning stoves and are fully and professionally prepared before sale.

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Seasoned Log Suppliers in Easby, Nunthorpe & Ormesby

Seasoned Logs For Sale in Easby, Nunthorpe & Ormesby

Seasoned logs are the ideal option when it comes to making a warm and crackling fire. The problem with timber that has been recently felled however, is that it holds too much water to be used as firewood. As a result, the wood needs to be dried out. We are experienced and professional log suppliers and we carry out comprehensive drying. We store all firewood for six months which enables us to remove the water and produce seasoned logs with a moisture content of 20% or less. The seasoned logs we have for sale are perfect for warm fires that offer many environmental benefits, can be started easily and are clean and safe.

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Bags of Kindling for Sale in Easby, Nunthorpe & Ormesby

Bags of Kindling For Sale in Easby, Nunthorpe & Ormesby

It is important to utilise the most appropriate firewood to be sure of making an efficient fire. We carry a large and varied selection of bags of kindling in secure packaging that offers easy storage and quick access. We are trusted log suppliers and we package all bags of kindling to satisfy the requirements of each customer.

As reputable log suppliers we stock firewood in abundance as this ensures our capability of quickly meeting all orders regardless of size. We make our bags of kindling, seasoned logs and kiln dried logs available in Easby, Nunthorpe & Ormesby and we are regular log suppliers to a vast and varied customer base.

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