Durham and County Durham

Fieldhouse Logs is a specialist distributor of softwood and hardwood logs for use in natural log burning, hearths and wood burning stoves.

At Fieldhouse Logs we supply a range of logs, kindling and firewood supplies to residents in Durham and throughout the North East. We also provide wholesale services for businesses operating in the retail, catering and hospitality sectors. Whatever the case, we can supply adequate supplies of treated firewood to keep your fires burning throughout the year.

We are an environmentally passionate group of people who are fervently committed to reducing our carbon footprint. All our logs are sourced from local forests in a sustainable way which ensures that for each tree felled a new one is planted.

Seasoned Log Suppliers in Durham and County Durham

Seasoned Logs in Durham and Couty Durham

A cost effective solution, our seasoned logs have been stored and processed over a period of time in order to drive out internal moisture and water content. Our on-site storage facilities have been designed to allow the natural movement of air to allow this, and over a period of six months this ensures that water content has been reduced to as much as 20%.

All this makes for firewood that produces a warmer fire and a cleaner burn.

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Kiln Dried Logs For Sale in Durham and County Durham

Kiln Dried Logs in Durham and County Durham

Kiln Dried Logs are a higher density, lower moisture type of firewood that burn better and for longer than other types of firewood. At Fieldhouse Logs we take our seasoned logs and slowly heat them in our kiln for six days, driving excess moisture out. At this point the logs are dried mechanically and then stored in an appropriately sized container ready for delivery.

Our process ensures quality and consistency across the board, and means that our kiln dried logs in Durham produce a warmer, more efficient fire than other forms of firewood as well as being easier to light and producing fewer impurities.

Kiln Dried Logs are ideal for use on open fires, wood burning stoves and more.

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Bags of Kindling for Sale in Durham and County Durham

Bags of Kindling for Sale in Durham and County Durham

No selection of firewood would be complete without the necessary kindling and trimmings to get the fire going in the first place, and we are happy to supply bags of kindling for sale in Durham and County Durham cut from pine softwood to ensure an easier burn.

Our bags of kindling are provided in ventilated net bags that are easy to handle and store, which is especially important during those winter months. All our firewood products should be kept in a dry, warm place that is safely out of the way of the elements.

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