Cleveland, Redcar & Guisborough

Fieldhouse Logs is a supplier and distributor of quality hardwood and softwood logs for use in natural fires, hearths and fire burning stoves in Cleveland, Redcar and Guisborough. We supply firewood, kindling and wood carved furniture to customers throughout Cleveland and the North East, with free delivery to any location within a 30 mile radius of our warehouse in Darlington.

From homes to farm shops, train stations, pubs and retail outlets, we ensure that our customers receive an adequate amount of firewood and log burning materials to suit their needs, and for a price that makes their passion for natural fires all the more affordable.

We understand that demand for our logs, kindling and wood burning supplies peaks during the cold winter months and recedes during the summer. Our seasonal services ensure that we are prepared for any eventuality and we stockpile enough firewood to ensure that we can fill any sized order.

Seasoned Log Suppliers in Cleveland

Seasoned Logs in Cleveland

Seasoned logs have been stored in our warehouse for some six months, allowing them to be dried out by the natural movement of air. This gives the logs an overall moisture content of around 20%, making them ideal for use as firewood. Our seasoned logs light easily and create a clean flame that produces more heat.

To work at their best our seasoned logs need to be stored in a warm, dry place away from the elements. We offer a range of innovative storage solutions that you can use to store your logs safely in a quiet, out of the way place whilst still having easy access to them. Please enquire within for more details or visit our Log Storage page.

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Kiln Dried Logs For Sale in Cleveland

Kiln Dried Logs in Cleveland

Kiln dried logs offer optimal results when used as firewood because of their extremely low moisture content. At Fieldhouse we produce our kiln dried logs using our seasoned logs as a starting point. A selection of logs is heated in a kiln for six additional days, after which they are dried out and delivered to our customers. Kiln dried logs burn more efficiently at consistently higher temperatures than other forms of firewood.

We offer a selection both softwood and hardwood kiln dried logs including oak, birch, ash, beech, sycamore and alder.

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Bags of Kindling for Sale in Cleveland

Bags of Kindling for Sale in Cleveland

Kindling and trimmings can be used to get your fire started quickly and with ease, at which point you can start adding larger logs. All our kindling is cut down to a smaller size from pine softwood, whose high resin content makes it quick to light and come to a flame. We supply to our customers on a wholesale, retail and individual basis whilst keeping our prices as competitive as possible in each case.

All our logs and firewood products have been stored and processed on-site by our dedicated team of staff to ensure consistency and high standards across the board for our range of logs, kindling and wood burning supplies. Fieldhouse Logs also offers a range of bespoke wood carved furniture, designed and created by our very own in-house team of craftsmen.

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