Frequently Asked Questions

We have collated all of our most frequently asked questions as a go to guide when buying your firewood - What kind of wood are your logs? Our hardwood logs are cut from oak, birch, ash, beech, sycamore and alder. Our softwood logs are cut from pine. What sizes and shapes are your logs? Most [...]

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Be in the know – Log Facts

With all consumers generally becoming more aware of environmentally friendly renewable energy resources the demand for sustainable firewood is increasing. See our comparisons between burning Kiln Dried firewood and Seasoned firewood - Kiln Dried Firewood Higher heat output Stronger fuel effieciency Minimises flue and stove issues More economical Wood Seasoning Freshly harvested wood naturally contains [...]

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Swedish Torches

Our Swedish Torches are simple, efficient and clever! They are the perfect addition to any garden event, camping or glamping experience. They provide an extensive amount of heat and light or can be used practically for cooking on. The Swedish Torch originates from the 30 year war between 1618 and 1648 where the Swedish soldiers [...]

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Stokesley Show

Happy Monday to you all! We just wanted to thank all our new and existing customers for coming to Stokesley Show on Saturday. We had a fantastic day meeting you and the weather topped it all! It was our first year with a trade stand at the show so we weren't sure what to expect. [...]

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Log Stores & Sheds

Here at Field House Logs we can provide you with custom made storage for your logs - it would be silly not to right? Our logs have either been air dried or kiln dried ensuring they are have a moisture content of less than 20%. For a great fire you need dry logs! It is [...]

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Rustic Wedding Inspiration

After having many requests to make bespoke decorations for weddings we thought we would put a blog together of different ways you can incorporate wood into your special day for the perfect country wedding. Cake Stands Centre Pieces Aisle Decoration Table Decoration

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The latest at FHL HQ

We have been extra busy organising and shooting our latest furniture collection. Our dynamic team hand craft contemporary, stylish, classic pieces of furniture right here on our premises. We like simple designs that are versatile, our pieces can be seen in the home, retail spaces or bars/restaurant's. Craft doesn't have to mean costly. With no [...]

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Flowers Are Nice…

...But here at Field House we think the main lady in our lives deserves something a little more hand crafted and special this Mother's Day. Lucas, our in house sculptor, is used to getting stuck into larger than life projects, however we've created some smaller, more delicate heart shaped pieces which would make perfect presents [...]

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