Butterknowle, Staindrop and Wackerfield

We are log suppliers to residential customers along with various businesses such as farm and village retail establishments, train stations, large shopping outlets, public houses and more. From carefully sized firewood and bags of kindling to kiln dried logs and seasoned logs we make a wide selection of professionally prepared firewood for sale and consistently work hard to maintain our reputation as reliable and trusted log suppliers.

Seasoned Log Suppliers in Butterknowle, Staindrop and Wackerfield

Seasoned Logs For Sale in Butterknowle, Staindrop and Wackerfield

Timber that has been recently cut down cannot be used as firewood as it holds a large amount of water. We are experienced log suppliers and we deliver diligently dried and prepared seasoned logs. After being stored for no less than six months we offer our fantastic seasoned logs for sale. Our products will provide you with a safe, clean and eco-friendly fire that starts simply and burns with efficiency.

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Kiln Dried Logs For Sale in Butterknowle, Staindrop and Wackerfield

Kiln Dried Logs in Butterknowle, Staindrop and Wackerfield

Our customers have varied requirements and as dedicated log suppliers we strive to offer a comprehensive selection of firewood. In addition to our seasoned logs we also have kiln dried logs for sale. Offering several economical and environmental advantages our kiln dried logs are a popular choice as they can be used on several kinds of fires and multi-fuel stoves. Our facility is fully fitted for a professional drying process in which all established standards are upheld.

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Bags of Kindling for Sale in Butterknowle, Staindrop and Wackerfield

Bags of Kindling For Sale in Butterknowle, Staindrop and Wackerfield

To be sure of an efficient fire it is crucial that the right sized wood is used. We carry a full and varied collection of firewood that is cut down to an appropriate size and packaged and delivered as bags of kindling. As established log suppliers that take every step to provide a quality service we offer our bags of kindling in the right amount to suit each individual customer need.

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