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Burneston, Leeming Bar and Sowerby

Seasoned Log Suppliers in Burneston, Leeming Bar and Sowerby

Seasoned Logs in Burneston, Leeming Bar and Sowerby

Fieldhouse Logs is a wholesale supplier and distributor of quality seasoned logs and firewood for natural fire enthusiasts in Burneston, Leeming Bar and Sowerby.

Our seasoned firewood has been stored and dried over a period of six months or more in order to remove moisture and improve the fire burning ability of our logs. Through an extensive and thorough seasoning process we can lower the moisture content of each log to around 20% of its original amount, which allows them to burn hotter for longer than they would have before.

A good sign of well seasoned firewood is that the end crumb has many cracks in it; you can easily notice it in our seasoned logs. They work especially well as firewood for open fires, wood burning stoves, hearths and chimeneas.

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Kiln Dried Logs For Sale in Leeming Bar and Sowerby

Kiln Dried Logs in Leeming Bar and Sowerby

For that extra level of comfort and quality in your log burning fire, consider using our kiln dried logs, available for sale in Burneston, Leeming Bar and Sowerby. Kiln dried logs have been thoroughly heated and dried, first by our seasoning process and then with an additional six days of heating in our kilns.

The result is a set of logs capable of producing a clean, efficient and eco-friendly fire together with ample heat.

Our kiln dried logs are easy to light and are an outstanding multi-functional fuel; they can be utilised for almost any natural fire burning application including wood burning stoves, open fires, multi-fuel barbecues, pizza ovens and braziers.

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Bags of Kindling in Burneston

Bags of Kindling for Sale in Burneston

Fieldhouse Logs is a leading supplier of kindling and trimmings in Burneston and the surrounding areas, offering high quality bags of kindling for sale to both domestic and commercial customers. Our range of logs make for excellence firewood in themselves, but relying on them alone can make it difficult to get your fire started initially.

Our bags of kindling for sale in Burneston, Leeming Bar and Sowerby have been cut from pine softwood and specially treated to ensure that they are easier to light.

We have bags of kindling for sale in multiple sizes and different volumes to choose from. All softwood kindling and trimmings are delivered in net bags that are easy to carry and store.

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