Boosbeck, Charltons & Lingdale

Kiln Dried Logs For Sale in Boosbeck, Charltons & Lingdale

Kiln Dried Logs in Boosbeck, Charltons & Lingdale

Additionally, we offer kiln dried logs for sale. As kiln dried logs are the ideal firewood for multi-fuel stoves, open fires and more they are the ideal choice for many customers. They are dried out in our own facility and as professional and trusted log suppliers we make sure that all established guidelines are consistently met.

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Seasoned Log Suppliers in Boosbeck, Charltons & Lingdale

Seasoned Logs For Sale in Boosbeck, Charltons & Lingdale

As renowned and professional log suppliers we offer a comprehensive selection of seasoned logs that make the ideal choice for a log burning fire. The issue with recently felled timber is that it holds a high level of water which makes it unsuitable for use as firewood. We are experienced seasoned log suppliers and we take recently felled timber and store it for a minimum period of six months in order to completely dry it out. Once the drying process is complete we approve the firewood for sale. Our seasoned logs are perfect for warm, crackling and clean fires.

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Bags of Kindling For Sale in Boosbeck, Charltons and Lingdale

Bags of Kindling For Sale in Boosbeck, Charltons & Lingdale

For the best possible fire it is crucial to use wood of an appropriate size. In addition to our seasoned and kiln dried logs we offer bags of kindling for sale. Secured in a net handle bag and easily stored they are the perfect choice. As proficient log suppliers we are able to meet any order regardless of size and we ensure all firewood in our bags of kindling is cut to the required size. We are log suppliers to a broad range of commercial and domestic customers and we have all manner of firewood, bags of kindling and trimmings for sale in Boosbeck, Charltons & Lingdale.

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