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Fieldhouse Logs is a log and firewood specialist based in Darlington. Our range of seasoned, kiln dried and treated logs are ideal for use in natural log burning fires and hearths in homes and businesses across the North East. Our mission is to keep our customers in Bishop Auckland fully stocked up with logs throughout the year with an interactive service that allows you to hand pick your logs prior to delivery.

We are much more than a log company, however. As a lover of all things logs, Fieldhouse Logs also specialise in creating a range of bespoke wood carved furniture including benches, seating, tables, carvings and signs. Each piece is designed and hand crafted by our own in-house team and is completely unique.

Seasoned Log Suppliers in Bishop Auckland

Seasoned Logs in Bishop Auckland

The quality of the fire you produce depends largely on the moisture content of the firewood you use. Our seasoned logs have been stored in specially designed containers over time (anywhere from six months upwards to achieve the desired effect) which allows the natural movement of air to dry them out and reduce the moisture content of the logs.

The effect of our seasoning process is clear: our seasoned softwood and hardwood logs are easier to light, produce more heat and results in a cleaner flame than firewood that has been recently felled.

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Kiln Dried Logs For Sale in Bishop Auckland

Kiln Dried Logs in Bishop Auckland

Kiln Dried Logs have a higher overall density than other log types, which means that they can burn more efficiently and produce a fire that lasts for significantly longer.

They are especially useful for open fires, wood burners and wood burning stoves in general.

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Bags of Kindling for Sale in Bishop Auckland

Bags of Kindling for Sale in Bishop Auckland

At Fieldhouse Logs we offer a variety of smaller sized kindling and assorted firewood for our customers, all of which is suitable to use when building your fire during its initial stages. We cut our kindling from pine softwood into smaller, more manageable trimmings making them easier to light. All our kindling is delivered in well ventilated net bags for easy handling and storage.

Like all our logs and firewood products, our kindling is sourced from sustainable forests within close proximity to us, which means that the environmental cost of transporting our firewood is minimal.

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