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Bedale, Middleham & Masham

Seasoned Log Suppliers in Bedale

Seasoned Logs in Bedale

At Fieldhouse Logs our seasoned logs have been stored and ventilated for six months. By subjecting the logs to this lengthy and controlled treatment we are able to reduce the overall moisture content of each log a to more suitable level (20% or below). This makes lighting our seasoned logs possible with the utmost ease and means that your firewood produces a flame that is warmers and much more eco-friendly.

The seasoning process takes place in our on-site warehouse where we can store the timber in a controlled environment. Low moisture and warm temperatures combine to ensure that over time moisture is driven out, creating quality firewood for open fires.

Fieldhouse Logs are one of the leading suppliers of seasoned logs in Bedale and the surrounding areas for both small and large scale orders.

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Kiln Dried Logs For Sale in Bedale, Middleham and Masham

Kiln Dried Logs in Bedale, Middleham & Masham

For the highest standard of firewood at Fieldhouse, our kiln dried logs have been treated extensively to ensure the highest quality of output. We take a selection of our seasoned logs and place them in a heated kiln for six days, using mechanical heat to slowly and thoroughly drive out any remaining excess moisture from each log. Our kiln dried logs burn efficiently and don’t spit, making them ideal for wood burning stoves and open fires.

Our kiln dried logs burn cleanly and help you achieve the best-possible efficiency in terms of the heat generated from your open fire. There is no need to deal with the issues arising out of the use of stoves and you never have to waste a moment in getting the fire started – firewood can be lighted instantly.

Our kiln dried logs are delivered in convenient, easy-to-carry bags.

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Bags of Kindling for Sale in Masham

Bags of Kindling for Sale in Masham

Fieldhouse Logs supplies a variety of quality small cut kindling in Masham and surrounding areas. Choose from our single or multi buy option for kindling and trimmings, offering you a significant saving.

Select depending on how much you need and for what purpose you need them for – choose your kindling log bags for your retail needs or in large volume to meet your wholesale needs.

We are one of the top suppliers of firewood, kindling and trimmings to a wide range of customers in Bedale, Middleham & Masham, including home owners, small businesses, shops, pubs and train stations.

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