Beckwithshaw, Hampsthwaite & Killinghall

Fieldhouse Logs supplies customers in Beckwithshaw, Hampsthwaite and Killinghall with quality logs, kindling and trimmings to last them through even the coldest winter. As one of the North East’s premier suppliers of seasoned and kiln dried logs we are well placed to supply both domestic and commercial customers with enough fuel to keep their fires lit whatever the season.

All our wood is sourced from local, sustainably managed forests in the North East. We manage and store our firewood in a way that minimises the environmental and transportation costs of our operations. One of our key missions is to become as carbon neutral as possible, and our dedicated team is committed to reaching this goal.

Seasoned Log Suppliers in Beckwithshaw & Hampsthwaite

Seasoned Logs in Beckwithshaw & Hampsthwaite

Our seasoned logs have been produced as a result of an extensive six month seasoning process. Timber contains microscopic tubes that, when first felled, contain a significant amount of water, which adds weight to the log and makes it more difficult to burn.

During our seasoning process the logs are stored in a specially designed warehouse which maximises the natural movement of air in order to drive out moisture and water from each log. We can cut the moisture content (mc) of each log down to around 20% of its original amount.

This makes our firewood easier to light, as well as making them burn at higher temperatures, whilst also releasing fewer impurities – important if your log burning fire is located indoors.

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Kiln Dried Logs For Sale in Hampsthwaite & Killinghall

Kiln Dried Logs in Hampsthwaite & Killinghall

Kiln Dried Logs are the best option for users of open fires and log burning stoves, for a number of reasons. These logs have been kiln dried for six days, thoroughly removing almost all excess moisture from within each log and producing perfectly conditioned firewood.

Our kiln dried logs in Hampsthewaite, Killinghall and the surrounding areas perform consistently better than other forms of firewood, burning more efficiently at higher temperatures for longer than other forms of firewood.

Enquire within for further details.

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Bags of Kindling for Sale in Beckwithshaw, Hampsthwaite & Killinghall

Bags of Kindling for Sale in Beckwithshaw, Hampsthwaite & Killinghall

The most difficult part of any natural log burning fire is getting it started in the first place, as this can sometimes take a great deal of time and effort. Our bags of kindling for sale consist of specially cut kindling and trimmings, using pine softwood as a raw material as this is easier to light than other softwoods and hardwoods.

Our kindling and trimmings for sale in Beckwithshaw, Hampsthwaite & Killinghall are provided in well ventilated net bags that are easy to handle and convenient to store.

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